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Diversity and

At Baillie Gifford we actively look for people that can offer something different. That’s why Diversity and Inclusion isn’t just a tick-box exercise for us, it’s an integral part of our business model.

Why Diversity and Inclusion matters

A supportive, inclusive workplace is fundamental to our success as a business.

Exchanging ideas

Fostering a culture of inclusivity enables us to attract, develop and retain diverse talent, encourage the free exchange of ideas, and enhance our relationships with clients and companies worldwide.

Championing difference

We don’t want people who’ve all come from the same background or been to the same universities or schools. We want people who think differently. That’s why we actively recruit from a wide range of locations and backgrounds.

Collective responsibility

We’re proud of what we’ve already achieved, but more needs to be done. We recognise it’s our collective responsibility to continue to challenge our perspectives and improve in all that we do.

Employee-led networks

The Diversity and Inclusion group work closely with our employee-led networks. The employee-led networks are open for any of our employees to join and are a platform for them to share their ideas and help grow our inclusive culture.

They include:

LGBT+ Networksince its launch, the LGBT+ Network has been promoting an inclusive culture and open working environment, which commands respect for all employees, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. This is supported all year round through a range of initiatives aimed at encouraging conversation and engagement on LGBT+ matters, both within the firm and beyond.

Multicultural Networkthis network was set up with the mission to celebrate, promote and support cultural diversity within Baillie Gifford. By planning events that celebrate our community and encourage the sharing of views, the group helps to educate and engage staff on cultural diversity.

Armed Forces Network - this network aims to attract, support and celebrate armed forces veterans, reservists and families across Baillie Gifford.




Neurodiversity Groupestablished in 2020, this group celebrates the diverse ways in which human brains and minds are wired. The group help to promote an environment which makes it easier for staff members to talk about neurodiversity, whether from their own perspective or as a carer.

Working Families and Carers Network this network was formed to help support all parents and carers within Baillie Gifford. It aims to foster a culture of respect and understanding for all those with caring responsibilities.

BShe - this network is open to all employees and aims to support those who identify as women in their career progression at Baillie Gifford. They recently formed and have some great ideas for the year ahead.

Our vision

Culture starts at the top. We have a dedicated Diversity and Inclusion Group made up of senior managers and partners. The group guides all our Diversity and Inclusion activity, based around the four key areas of our vision.


At Baillie Gifford we position ourselves visibly in the debate around diversity and strive to lead by example. We are active members of the Diversity Project in Scotland, an organisation set up to champion a more inclusive culture within the Savings and Investment profession. Committed to living up to our shared beliefs, we remember our core purpose of delivering value for clients, supporting companies, and benefiting society through thoughtful long-term Investments.


Rather than simply following others, we’re led by what’s in the best long-term interests of our employees and clients. We want to learn from thoughtful and diverse minds: from our colleagues and employee-led networks, to our clients, the companies we invest in and the thought-leaders we work with. We are also guided by external specialist partners, like the Business Disability Forum, Women in Banking & Finance and Stonewall Scotland.


Everyone at Baillie Gifford has a part to play in the creation of an inclusive culture. Together we support our employee-led networks to educate our colleagues and create an environment where every Baillie Gifford partner and employee has the confidence to be a visible and active ally for diversity. We’re also working on improving our employee data so we can identify opportunities for targeted initiatives to improve diversity and inclusion.


Without inclusion, our efforts to retain and engage diverse talent will come to nothing. We must create and sustain a culture in which each of our colleagues feel they can speak up, be heard and reach their full potential. This is how new ideas emerge, problems get solved, and mediocrity is eliminated.

Recent policies and initiatives

Beyond Words was our first ever Diversity and Inclusion festival. We invited a series of authors to give online talks about their area of diversity expertise. Subjects included race, neurodiversity and gender. All the events were held during the working day and everyone was encouraged to attend as many as possible. In addition, employees could request copies of the speakers' books for free and ask questions in a Q&A at the end of each session. The festival has now become an annual event.

Equal Parental Leave was introduced in 2019 to offer choice and flexibility to all new parents at the firm. It entitles all employees to 52 weeks’ leave, regardless of gender or length of service. Staff also receive full pay for the first 26 weeks and half pay for a further 13 weeks.





Our Recruitment Strategies are designed to be as inclusive as possible. We are open to applications from all degree disciplines for all our graduate and career changer programmes. We offer school leavers the opportunity to start a career with us through our Modern Apprenticeship programme. We also promote all of our opportunities through a range of platforms to ensure underrepresented groups have the opportunity to apply. Lastly, we deliver bespoke events for all our programmes, giving individuals the opportunity to understand the process and ask questions ahead of applying.

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